Switzerland may tighten restrictions to 2G after COVID referendum

Switzerland may tighten restrictions to 2G after COVID referendum

After the COVID-19 Act was clearly accepted by the Swiss public in the referendum in November, politicians throughout Switzerland want to begin the process of restricting access to COVID certificates to only vaccinated and recovered people. The measure is popular in Switzerland, with 62 percent of the public supporting more restrictions on the unvaccinated, but some are worried the move would cause more division.

COVID-19 Act victory seen as a mandate for more restrictions

The passing of the COVID-19 Act means that the government can continue to enforce current COVID restrictions and introduce new ones. For some political groups, such as the Young Greens, the result is a mandate for so-called “2G” restrictions.

2G restrictions would see Swiss COVID certificates, which are required in restaurants, bars, cinemas and nightclubs, only given to those who are vaccinated or recovering from COVID-19. This would remove the possibility of regular testing - the only way unvaccinated people have access to the certificate.

Politicians in Switzerland propose a move to 2G

The Young Greens have now spoken out in favour of the new rules, proposing 2G restrictions at all events in Switzerland. They say the vote “must be the yardstick for further measures”, and that COVID policy should not be determined by “the screams of a loud minority."

National Councillor for FDP.The Liberals, Matthias Jauslin, agreed, noting, “2G in certain areas of life will have to be seriously considered." He said 2G was one of the measures that could get Switzerland out of the pandemic, saying the current emphasis on personal responsibility when it comes to vaccination was evolving into selfishness.

New COVID restrictions expected to be announced on Wednesday

2G is seen as one of the many proposals that may be imposed to alleviate pressure on the healthcare system, with doctors starting to come under pressure as winter sets in. Current polling by 20 minuten puts support for further measures, such as mandatory vaccination, at more than 60 percent among the Swiss public.

Counselling against any more rules, the Swiss People’s Party’s Thomas Aeschi said the mandate given to the government by the vote was not enough for any major changes, stating that it only passed due to fear of COVID. The winter session of the Federal Council is due to start this week, with an update on new restrictions expected at the press conference on Wednesday.

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