Swiss petrol station swamped after mistakenly selling diesel for 23 rappen

Swiss petrol station swamped after mistakenly selling diesel for 23 rappen

As fuel prices continue to remain high across the country, drivers in Switzerland would be forgiven for taking every opportunity to fill up at a low price. On Wednesday, the dream of many a petrol-head became a reality, after a petrol station in Canton Zurich accidentally started offering diesel for just 23 rappen (centimes) a litre.

Drivers flock to fill up at petrol station in Canton Zurich

According to 20 minuten, the trouble started on Wednesday evening at a BP petrol station in Winterthur. Locals took to social media to describe a huge traffic jam which had formed on either side of the station, with some van drivers bringing large kegs and barrels to fill up - harking back to scenes seen during the fuel supply crisis in the United Kingdom in 2021.

However, instead of being caused by a lack of workers or a shortage of supply, this rush to the pumps was caused by a misplaced comma. Instead of the typical price of over 2 francs a litre, the BP petrol station was selling diesel at just under 23 rappen (centimes) a litre.

23 rappen a litre mistake was caused by a rogue comma

Speaking to 20 minuten, an employee at BP confirmed that the huge rush was caused when “there was an adjustment in petrol prices. The comma was put in the wrong place." He said that there was a “huge rush” to get the cut-price diesel, which caused a line of cars that stretched around both corners.

Luckily for the exhausted staff, the issue was finally rectified at 11am on Thursday. According to 20 minuten, BP are unable to confirm how many people took advantage of the cut-price fuel.

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