Swiss passenger gets nasty shock after nails planted in train seat

Swiss passenger gets nasty shock after nails planted in train seat

A 17-year-old passenger on Swiss public transport had a nasty shock last Friday, after sitting on a train seat that had been embedded with nails. The police are now investigating the crime. 

Painful surprise for Swiss student

The student had quite the surprise when taking the SBB train from Singen to Schaffhausen on January 27: after sitting down, police told Blick that he "felt painful stitches in the buttocks." The student soon realised that several nails were deliberately embedded in his seat.

The student found a total of twelve nails sticking out of the train seat and backrest, with each of the nails measuring approximately seven centimetres. It is unclear how, and indeed who, planted the nails or what the motive for the stunt was.

Swiss police to investigate the incident

The student removed the nails and reported the incident to the emergency services after alighting the train in Schaffhausen. The student was not injured, but the police have said they will be investigating the incident. 

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