September referendums: "Marriage for All" passes while "99 percent" falls short

September referendums: "Marriage for All" passes while "99 percent" falls short

The Swiss “Marriage for All” or "Ehe für alle"  initiative has been passed by Swiss citizens by a tally of 64,1 percent to 35,9. While the LGBTQ+ community celebrated, Young Socialists Switzerland (JUSO) consolidated their losses as the controversial "99 percent-Initiative" failed to win over voters. Official turnout was estimated at 53 percent.

"Marriage for All" initiative passes, changing marriage laws in Switzerland

There were jubilant scenes across major Swiss cities as the results came in from yesterday’s national referendums. The "Marriage for All" initiative was aimed at eliminating civil partnerships and allowing same-sex couples the right to a civil marriage, alongside new rights for all-female couples to access sperm donation.

Current projections put support for the initiative at 1.828.427 votes to 1.024.167, with the vote achieving a majority in all of the 26 cantons. This means that "Marriage for All" will pass, eliminating civil partnerships and radically changing marriage laws in Switzerland. The Federal Council confirmed that the marriage laws will be changed on July 1, 2022.

JUSO's "99 percent-Initiative" fails to attract Swiss votes

While some celebrated, there was disappointment among Young Socialists Switzerland (JUSO), who saw their "99 percent-Initiative" defeated by over 800.000 votes. Although the vote was popular in many urban areas - including Zurich, Geneva, Lausanne and Bern - it failed to attract rural voters and could not achieve a majority in any canton.

The "99 percent-Initiative" was designed to push for increased taxes on the “1 percent” while cutting taxes for workers. The referendum aimed to address the economic divide between business owners and the workers they employ, but could not secure enough votes. The JUSO organisation hopes to bring the issue back to the table as soon as possible.

Swiss referendums September 2021 election results

Here are the Swiss referendum results for September 2021 in full:

"Marriage for All" Initiative results: 

  • Total votes: 2.852.594
  • Votes in favour: 1.828.427 (64,1 percent)
  • Votes against: 1.024.167 (35,9 percent)
  • Cantons in favour: 26
  • Cantons against: 0

"99 percent-Initiative" results:

  • Total votes: 2.809.957
  • Votes in favour: 986.901 (35,1 percent)
  • Votes against: 1.823.056 (64,9 percent)
  • Cantons in favour: 0
  • Cantons against: 26

Find out more about the next Swiss referendums

The next set of Swiss national referendums are due to take place on November 28, 2021. For more information on the next round of elections, check out the official government website.

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