Second COVID booster jab to be offered in Switzerland from autumn

Second COVID booster jab to be offered in Switzerland from autumn

The Swiss Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) has announced its intention to offer a second booster jab against COVID-19, with a campaign starting at the end of summer. It said that the booster would be offered to at-risk groups, but were also preparing for another mass vaccination campaign.

Second booster campaign in Switzerland to start in late summer

In a statement, the FOPH said that it would start offering the third or fourth jab at the end of summer, hoping to complete the campaign in two months. This would place Switzerland alongside Israel and Germany, who have already offered a second COVID booster to some groups.

The FOPH said that alongside planning a second booster jab, it was investigating the amount of protection given by the booster and whether a second dose would be effective. They are also looking into whether the current booster shot has an impact on the Omicron variant.

COVID booster to be given to the most vulnerable

Unlike other vaccination campaigns, the FOPH said it was likely that the shot would only be given to at-risk groups, rather than the entire population. The Federal Vaccination Commission said it was considering offering the jab to those over the age of 65 and those that are considered at high risk of infection and serious illness, in order to relieve pressure on Swiss healthcare in the future.

However, the FOPH said that it was also preparing for another vaccination campaign for the entire population as a “worst-case scenario.” Currently, they are preparing Swiss cantons for another round of boosters, should the need arise.

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