Same-sex marriage enshrined into law in Switzerland

Same-sex marriage enshrined into law in Switzerland

Many months after the Marriage for All referendum was accepted by Swiss citizens, the Federal Council has finally enshrined the initiative into law. From July 1, 2022, same-sex couples in Switzerland will be able to enter a civil marriage.

Federal Council makes law change to allow same-sex marriage in Switzerland

At their meeting on Wednesday, the Federal Council signed the legislation that will allow gay and lesbian couples to marry in Switzerland. This paves the way for same-sex couples to form a civil marriage instead of a civil partnership.

It comes after the Marriage for All initiative was passed by voters in September’s round of referendums in 2021. The government had intended to pass the legislation themselves, but opponents managed to gather enough signatures to force the issue to the ballot - although the initiative was accepted by 64,1 percent of the vote.

Civil partners will be able to exchange their partnership for a marriage

Couples who are in a civil partnership will be able to convert their partnership into a marriage, accessing several benefits in the tax system and granting same-sex couples easier access to sperm donation. From July 1, civil partnerships will no longer be issued, but those already in one can choose not to switch. 

Switzerland will become the 17th European nation to recognise same-sex marriage in law. The first nation was the Netherlands, which legalised same-sex marriage in 2001. With the bill signed and notarised, couples now have three months to plan their perfect wedding this summer.

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