Switzerland to allow same-sex marriages from July 1, 2022

Switzerland to allow same-sex marriages from July 1, 2022

After the "Marriage for all" initiative passed in the latest round of referendums in Switzerland, all same-sex couples are now entitled to a civil marriage instead of a partnership. The first round of same-sex weddings will start from July 1, 2022, when the new law takes effect.

Same-sex marriages to eliminate civil partnerships in Switzerland

Previously, Switzerland’s laws only allowed couples of the opposite sex to enter into a civil marriage. Civil marriage provides several benefits such as tax breaks and maternity and paternity leave for married couples.

For couples of the same sex, the government allowed civil partnerships. This type of union has similar rights to civil marriages, but does not include tax rebates or special privileges. The new laws will mean the concept of a civil partnership will no longer exist in Switzerland, becoming the latest nation in Europe to allow civil marriages between the same sex.

First same-sex marriages expected in July 2022

If couples have already become civil partners, the act allows them to convert their partnership into a marriage. The first ceremonies will take place on July 1, 2022, and from then on, civil partnerships will no longer be an option.

Alongside new marriage rights, the law also allows new rights for pregnancy. From July 1, lesbian couples will be able to access sperm donation to become pregnant. Once the baby is born, female same-sex couples will be able to use full maternity and paternity leave.

If you choose to tie the knot, you can now register for a civil marriage ceremony at your local registry office. You can find your nearest one on the official government website.

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