Licenceless 15-year-old caught driving nearly 200km/h in Switzerland

Licenceless 15-year-old caught driving nearly 200km/h in Switzerland

A 15-year-old in Switzerland has been caught hurtling down the motorway at 198 kilometres an hour. The teenager, who does not have a driving licence, will be tried in juvenile court.

Swiss police catch driver 78 above the speed limit

According to 20 Minuten, in the early hours of February 13, 2023, Swiss police recorded a car speeding down the motorway in Canton Zug at 198 km / h. The vehicle, registered and licenced in the canton with the most expensive cars, was caught on the A14 motorway travelling in the direction of Lucerne between the Baar and Zug exits.

The automatic camera that caught the car was unable to identify the driver, leading to a full investigation by the emergency services. However, instead of a seasoned motorist, police discovered that the car was being driven by someone who is likely more at home at middle school than on a dual carriageway.

15-year-old had borrowed parent's car, youth claims

A cantonal police spokesperson told 20 Minuten that a 15-year-old teenager was the one behind the wheel when the car went past the camera, 78 kilometres an hour above the speed limit. After being arrested, the youth admitted to “borrowing” his parent’s car, despite the fact that at 15, he does not have a licence.

The boy has now accepted he violated traffic rules while not in possession of a licence. As the police investigation continues, authorities have confirmed that he will be tried in juvenile court in Canton Zug.

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