Key workers in Zurich to be given up to 1.500 Swiss francs as a COVID bonus

Key workers in Zurich to be given up to 1.500 Swiss francs as a COVID bonus

The city council of Zurich has announced that it will be giving a “COVID bonus” of between 250 and 1.500 Swiss francs to its healthcare and emergency staff. The payment will be given to workers who were under great stress during the height of the COVID pandemic, in order to “recognise their achievements.”

Bonus designed to recognise the efforts of healthcare workers in Switzerland

In a statement, city authorities noted that employees in Swiss healthcare and care homes were “under great pressure” during the main COVID waves, with hospitals overwhelmed with patients. Now that all federal COVID measures have been scrapped, thanks in huge part to the efforts of medical workers, the city aims to make sure that their “extraordinary achievements are rewarded.”

Following another bonus payment made in 2021, the one-time bonus in 2022 is to compensate those, who "worked under great stress and difficult conditions during the third and fourth waves of the coronavirus pandemic.” Specifically, the council wanted to highlight the efforts of staff from “the Zurich City Hospital, the nursing homes and other health institutions” in having to bear longer working hours at a higher risk of COVID infection.

Most of the COVID bonuses in Zurich will go to doctors and nurses

According to the council, “Allowances of between CHF 250 and CHF 1.500 are planned, taking into account the individual's stress levels and the level of employment.” 200 Swiss francs will also be given to healthcare employees who are still in higher education or vocational training courses. 

In all, 90 percent of the bonuses will go to doctors, nurses, care home staff and workers in the emergency services like ambulance crews. Canton Zurich has allocated 5 million Swiss francs to pay for the bonus, which is set to be paid to staff soon.

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