Human remains and planes revealed as Swiss glaciers melt

Human remains and planes revealed as Swiss glaciers melt

As the weather in Switzerland gets hotter and hotter, glaciers in the alpine nation have begun to recede. As a result, two newly uncovered bodies have been discovered by alpine hikers, both of which are yet to be identified.

Two bodies discovered on glaciers in Switzerland

According to Swissinfo, alpinists have found two dead bodies over the past few weeks. One was discovered on the Chessjen glacier in Canton Valais last Wednesday and one was found on the Stockji glacier near the Swiss ski resort of Zermatt the week before. 

Swiss police confirmed that they were now trying to identify the two people by using objects found around the bodies. If possible, DNA testing will also be carried out to determine how old the two missing people are. Blick speculated that the second body could be that of entrepreneur and billionaire Karl-Erivan Haub, who was declared missing in Valais in April 2018. However, the news site did admit that it "remains to be seen" whether the corpse is in fact him.

Over 300 cases of missing people on Swiss glaciers since 1925

According to the emergency services, there have been 300 cases of missing people on glaciers since 1925. As the ice melts, the remains of lost people can emerge. In 2012, for example, the bodies of three brothers were discovered in the Aletsch glacier - the brothers had originally disappeared in 1926.

The remains of humans were not the only items discovered on Swiss glaciers in 2022. Last week, the remains of a small air crash from 1968 were uncovered in the mountains for the first time. As heatwaves in Switzerland continue, and global temperatures rise, it is expected that more secrets will be discovered as the ice melts.

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