ALDI Switzerland to stop transporting fruit and vegetables by plane

ALDI Switzerland to stop transporting fruit and vegetables by plane

ALDI in Switzerland has announced that it will no longer import fruits and vegetables by plane for environmental reasons, according to a statement released by the company. The change will take place immediately. 

ALDI Switzerland making sustainable changes to supply chain

The international company said that they were making the change to become more sustainable. The number of ALDI products imported to Swiss cities by plane has already been reduced significantly in the last year, but now the business is taking steps to "make sure things can go even further." Other countries and companies have already pioneered similar projects, such as ALDI’s rival, Lidl, in the Netherlands

Starting immediately, the company is no longer going to import fruit and vegetables through Swiss airports, instead focusing on rail, truck and other forms of transportation. “Sustainability in the supply chain is a central pillar of the ALDI philosophy. One of our goals was to make all our fruit and vegetables fly-free. It fills me with pride that we have now achieved this goal," says Jérôme Meyer, Country Managing Director of ALDI Switzerland.

Image: / Marlon Trottmann

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