Top 8 reasons you should do an executive MBA

Top 8 reasons you should do an executive MBA

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Thinking about boosting your career trajectory and enhancing your skill set to help you stand out from the crowd? An Executive MBA might already be on your horizon. Tailored towards executives and professionals with around 10-15 years' experience, an Executive MBA gives you the skills you need to improve while offering the flexibility busy entrepreneurs want so that you can work while you complete your degree. What's more, it's a highly eye-catching thing to have on your CV as it demonstrates that you are committed to personal growth and ready for that step up the career ladder.

Whichever type of Executive MBA is right for you and your organisation, it’s also a big investment - in both time and money. Here is why doing an Executive MBA is worth it: 

1. It's hard but worth it

In the world of business, nothing stays the same for long. New challenges and opportunities are constantly coming towards you and your organisation. Taking an Executive MBA is a chance to challenge yourself - to rethink your approaches, your mindset and your leadership. 

It’s an opportunity to step outside of your organisation and sector and to consider other insights and perspectives. It’s about trying new approaches, broadening your thinking and driving your capacity to innovate.

2. It helps develop your skill set

What makes an MBA stand out is how it connects and develops your skill set. Whichever institution you choose to study at, an Executive MBA gives you access to world-class facilities and participants from a diverse range of backgrounds. As a result, you add breadth and depth to your knowledge - and you can develop your understanding of international business. You also hone critical management and interpersonal skills to align teams, inspire others, accelerate performance and drive change.

3. It awakens the entrepreneur inside of you

An Executive MBA will nurture and develop your ambition, regardless of what inspired you to become an entrepreneur in the first place. During your course, you’ll explore entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship within your organisation. Who knows? You may even find the inspiration, the support and the network to launch your own venture. And talking of networks ...

4. Build your network

The world truly comes together: on an Executive MBA course, you join a cohort of world-class executives from a wide range of backgrounds. You’ll meet and work with curious thinkers, change agents and trailblazers from all over the world, forming lasting bonds and ties. You also gain access to the business school’s alumni network - and their invaluable professional contacts and support.

5. Helps you grow and achieve your potential

Doing an Executive MBA will challenge, stretch and ultimately change your approaches, your thinking and your mindset. A unique opportunity to grow professionally and personally, an Executive MBA arms you with the analytical tools and frameworks to reshape your future.

6. Become a great communicator

To steer the conversation is to master it: a key leadership skill is the ability to inspire, align, negotiate and influence others. Your communication skills will be honed throughout your Executive MBA. You will emerge from your programme an exceptional communicator, advisor and leader.

7. Test your theories out in the real world

Busy entrepreneurs may be concerned that pursuing an MBA will mean putting their career development on hold. Luckily, because of its flexible format, an Executive MBA drives your personal and professional growth while keeping you close to your organisation. What you learn over the course of the programme can be applied in the workplace, delivering instant impact there and empowering you to embed your learning.

8. Take that next step with the help of an MBA

Pursuing an MBA is a sign that you are ready to take that giant leap in your career.  Enrolling in an Executive MBA course not only signals to potential employers that you are ready to take the next step in your job and to move into a more senior position, but also arms you with the skills, insights, frameworks and support network to fully own and decide your future, wherever and however you want it to be - and that also means your earning potential. 

Doing an Executive MBA builds your credibility as a leader, empowering you to pursue new career opportunities and step up into well-paid positions.

Vlerick is one of Europe’s foremost business schools for MBA programmes and executive education. An Executive MBA from Vlerick on your CV shows your commitment, your skills, knowledge and your solid management know-how. If your organisation is prioritising sustainability, the European Executive MBA has been designed to give you the insight, skills and hands-on knowledge to make positive change. 

Marion Debruyne


Marion Debruyne

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