Swiss language school offers classes in Star Trek Klingon

Swiss language school offers classes in Star Trek Klingon

One of the largest languages schools in Switzerland, Klubschule Migros, now offers classes in Klingon. The language, invented for the hit sci-fi franchise Star Trek, will be offered as a crash course in several locations throughout Switzerland.

Klingon offered as a language crash-course

The courses will be taught in Baden, Basel and Bern and are designed to give you a “crash course” in the language. For just 80 Swiss francs, you will be able to learn the famous language of the Klingons, the main antagonists of the Star Trek franchise.

Basler Zeitung reported that, in the last year, more students in Basel have learnt Klingon than Latin. Over 150 people have taken up the course in Basel alone.

Learn some popular Klingon phrases

The language of Klingon was invented by Marc Okrand and first used in Star Trek in 1984, after the directors wanted the enemies of the Federation to have a coherent language, instead of speaking random gibberish.

To make sure that you won’t be embarrassed the next time you attend Comic-Con, or are forced into high stakes negotiations with a Klingon battle fleet, here are some simple phrases in Klingon:

  • NuqneH? - What do you want? / To be understood as a greeting
  • TlhIngan Hol Dajatlh ' a ' ? - Do you speak Klingon?
  • Hija ! - Yes!
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