Joylingua: 1 on 1 German language coaching with expats in mind

Joylingua: 1 on 1 German language coaching with expats in mind


Just imagine: instead of being stuck behind a language barrier, you magically get into the flow without even thinking when speaking to your colleagues at work, your child’s teacher or at a party. You genuinely connect with people. 

Pass your Swiss German exams with Joylingua!

Joylingua are experts in helping you prepare for Swiss exams. They are familiar with all exam boards and can help you take the next steps. Instead of feeling nervous, you feel well-prepared and confident when taking your Swiss language exam, passing the first time around. 

Rather than being disappointed that you are still learning the same grammar over and over again, you finally understand how you can absorb the language fast - at your own pace and in line with your learning style.

Discover Joylingua: German language courses in Switzerland

At Joylingua, all their highly trained coaches love to help you with your German so you can stop feeling frozen when speaking, have flowing conversations and start to truly connect with people. They understand that learning German can be challenging, especially if your previous language learning attempts haven’t been successful or enjoyable. This is why they have developed their soul-friendly three-step Joylingua Coaching Approach that:

  • Helps you uncover your unique language drivers. 
  • Creates the right emotional state for your learning. 
  • Establishes a tailored learning plan that will help you get fast results that are relevant to your personal aims and life.

All these factors allow your German language course to become personalised around your goals, strengths and areas of improvement.

Joylingua language course

Uncover your unique language drivers with Joylingua

The first step with any Joylingua language course is an initial power coaching session to help you gain clarity as to what you need in your language journey to progress in a way that works for you. Discover your language drivers, and topics you find inspiring and interesting and explore your preferred learning style.

You will have a clearer idea of what you want and need as a learner. 

Start loving your German!

With this done you can then create a detailed plan of action together with your Joylingua coach that can help you reach your personal goals. Lessons will become interesting and highly relevant to your life. You will receive valuable feedback and your language skills and confidence will grow in the right way. 

You will feel more inspired and in control than ever before.

Try out your new skills in real-life situations, become fearless and thrive in German. Your coach will encourage and support you every step of the way, so you feel you are in the right emotional space. They help you to remain focused and motivated on the right goals. Once the first steps are taken, you can also formulate new goals to progress to the next level!

You will feel more empowered to use your German in real life!

Joylingua's recipe for your success

Here are the ways that Joylingua's teaching and approach are tailored towards expats in Switzerland.

Swiss-focused / Swiss exam preparation

Their learning materials are adapted to Swiss languages and culture. They specialise in preparation for the Swiss exams to obtain permits and citizenship. So far, they have had a 100 percent pass rate!

Mindful coaching-oriented approach

They are there to guide and support you in your language journey. They work in partnership and, together with you, they can break down barriers in your mindset, so you feel safe and empowered to reach your goals. 

Groundbreaking Neurolanguage Coaching®

They are qualified coaches and offer the Neurolanguage Coaching® Method (accredited and certified by the ICF-International Coaching Federation) and created by Rachel Paling, which takes your language coaching experience to the next level. This method combines traditional coaching with language learning and the latest knowledge of neuroscience. Through efficient and unique techniques, you will absorb the German language in a brain- and heart-friendly way.

Highly-experienced German language coaches

Their team of wonderful coaches can understand and connect with any learner, thanks to their experience, expert knowledge, and international backgrounds. They can break down and explain German grammar in plain English.

Start loving your German with Joylingua!

Want to start your German language journey? Contact Joylingua here: Joylingua | German language coaching | Zurich, Switzerland. You can also reach out to Teresa, the founder of Joylingua, via Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Joylingua offers a 30-day money-back guarantee - they won’t keep your money if the course doesn’t appeal to you! Plus, they now are offering free trial lessons in February and March and 100 Swiss francs off courses for IamExpat readers! Quote “IAMEXPAT” to receive a 100-franc discount on all courses.



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