Two regions now richest in France, thanks to Swiss salaries

Two regions now richest in France, thanks to Swiss salaries

Figures from the French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies have shown that areas of France that border Switzerland have become some of the richest parts of the country, benefiting from cross-border workers and strong Swiss salaries.

Ain and Haute-Savoie benefit from Swiss salaries

The report found that the areas around Geneva have become the richest parts of France, with the cost of living in the Ain and Haute-Savoie regions being significantly higher than other regions. The French government attributes this wealth to cross-border permit holders who bring higher salaries back into France.

The higher cost of living has also been attributed to the strength of the Swiss franc against the euro, making housing more affordable. The Federal Statistical Office estimates over 340.000 people working in Switzerland live in neighbouring countries, accounting for 6,7 percent of the working population.

French workers choose cross-border work in Switzerland

Once Switzerland's international borders reopened in mid-2020, the number of cross-border workers skyrocketed to a new high. The majority of cross-border workers have jobs working for international companies in haulage, logistics and services.

The new data makes the border regions around Switzerland the wealthiest in the nation, beating the traditional wealthiest regions of Lyon and Grenoble. Cross-border workers typically base themselves in France, Germany and Italy due to the lower cost of living compared to border cities in Switzerland like Basel, Geneva and St.Gallen.

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