Lunchtime in Switzerland: Average worker spends 15 Swiss francs per day

Lunchtime in Switzerland: Average worker spends 15 Swiss francs per day

A new study has highlighted what workers in Switzerland do during their lunch break, how much money they are willing to spend on lunch, and how long they take before returning to their job.

COVID-19 has changed eating habits in Switzerland

The company undertaking the survey, Swibeco AG, is an employee benefits platform, offering numerous packages for their clients. One of their more popular benefits is their “Lunch Card” that employees can use to purchase cheaper food when they are working away from home.  

The survey asked 350 employees from across Switzerland, who work for a range of international companies and small businesses, how they spend their lunch break during working hours

Swibeco found that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a strong impact on workplace canteens in particular, with only 4 percent of respondents visiting their staff restaurant and many others opting instead to eat at their desk or in the company break room. 

Most Swiss people want more time to eat when at work

Those taking part in the survey consider lunch an important time for relaxation and rest, while also stressing the importance of spending time with colleagues. Four out of five people surveyed also added that they do not believe 30 minutes is long enough for them to eat and drink, without considering the social aspect of lunch at work. 

In terms of money, one in five respondents said that they spend more than 20 Swiss francs per day on lunch, but the majority stated that they spend a maximum of 15 Swiss francs on lunch at work. 7 percent limit themselves to a daily amount of less than 5 Swiss francs.

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