Lidl Switzerland to increase its minimum wage to 4.500 francs a month

Lidl Switzerland to increase its minimum wage to 4.500 francs a month

After Swiss supermarkets Coop and Migros raised their worker's salaries by 2 percent in the build-up to 2023, Lidl Switzerland has gone one step further. Along with granting a 2,5 percent pay raise for all workers, they have raised the company minimum wage so that all employees on full-time work contracts will never receive less than 4.500 Swiss francs a month.

Lidl Switzerland unveils new salary agreement to battle cost of living

According to a statement given to 20 Minuten, Lidl announced that it had settled a new salary arrangement with its staff. While it is the most recent supermarket to arrive in Switzerland - its first store opened in the alpine nation in 2009 - today, the German international company operates 160 branches across Swiss cities and cantons, and employs 4.500 workers.

Amid the ongoing cost of living crisis, a number of supermarkets have been forced to raise the salaries of workers. Coop confirmed in November 2022 that they would be giving a 2 percent wage rise to a number of their employees - Migros soon followed suit. In Lidl’s case, the company announced that it would be increasing the wages of all its employees by 2,5 percent in March, and will increase its minimum wage “considerably.”

Minimum wage of 58.500 Swiss francs a year for Lidl workers

From March 2023, the minimum wage for full-time employees at Lidl will rise to 4.500 Swiss francs a month for new employees, 4.550 francs for those with two years of training in-store, and 4.600 francs a month for warehouse workers and store employees with three years of service experience. Bear in mind that Lidl runs on a 12+1 month salary arrangement, meaning the minimum wage for new trainees at the company will total 58.500 Swiss francs a year.

Speaking to 20 Minuten, CEO of Lidl Switzerland Torsten Friedrich said that “over the past very turbulent years, our employees have shown incredible commitment. It should be appreciated at its fair value. So I am very happy that we can not only increase the wage bill, but also our minimum wages. Our success is based on our employees. That is why we attach great importance to offering attractive working conditions.”

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