Zurich has the best pizza outside Italy, food magazine reports

Zurich has the best pizza outside Italy, food magazine reports

Gambero Rosso, an esteemed Italian food and wine magazine, has named a restaurant in Zurich as having the best pizza outside of Italy. The Napulé restaurant chain and its owner have already won over 300 awards since opening in 2015.

Best pizza outside Italy is in Canton Zurich

According to the magazine, the best pizza outside of Italy can be found in Canton Zurich in Switzerland. Specifically, the Napulé restaurant chain was given the accolade for its stunning Neapolitan-style pizza, which they praised for the quality of the ingredients and the skills of the chef behind the counter.


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The chef in question, founder Raffaele Tromiro, is no stranger to high praise, having won 300 pizza-related awards throughout his career, along with being crowned “Pizza World Champion” on three separate occasions. "I am very happy to be able to officially define our pizzas as the best ever outside of Italy. Without my team of motivated and creative collaborators, this success would not have been possible. We could not have started the year better than this,” he told Tio.

Making pizza is like writing poetry, says star chef

For him, making pizza is equivalent to writing poetry: “Just as you need great poets to write a beautiful poem, for a real pizza you need hands that work with passion and absolute dedication.” He explained that his dough was developed by himself and local millers, while his other ingredients are personally sourced from Naples. The dough is rested for 48 hours and the pizza is only cooked for 90 seconds to guarantee a moist yet well-cooked pie.


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After opening his first restaurant in Meilen in 2015, Tromiro has significantly expanded his award-winning business. Now, those passing through Zollikon, Nestal, Locarno, and Stadelhofen and Josefstrasse in Zurich, can enjoy the pizza with an Italian seal of approval.

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