Which area of Switzerland has the cheapest pints of beer?

Which area of Switzerland has the cheapest pints of beer?

A new report by Hellosafe has revealed where to find the cheapest pints of beer in Switzerland. Depending on which city you live in, beer prices in local bars and restaurants can be up to 1,6 times higher than elsewhere in the country.

Cheapest pints of beer in Switzerland revealed

When the work is done or the weekend starts, many people in Switzerland like to end the day by sitting down near a lake or at home with a cold Swiss beer. In their latest analysis, Hellosafe found that residents in some Swiss cities and cantons have to pay significantly more for a round than others.

According to the report, the cheapest pint in Switzerland can be found in Arbon, Langenthal, Chur and Olten, with an average price of 4,93 Swiss francs. This is up to three francs less than the rest of the country.

Most expensive Swiss beer found in Lausanne and Geneva

Perhaps unsurprisingly, the report ranked Lausanne and Geneva as having the most expensive beers at 7,96 Swiss francs and 7,72 respectively. Basel and the Swiss ski resort of Davos came joint third, with beer costing 7,03 Swiss francs a pint.

In concluding their analysis, Hellosafe said that the popularity of beer in Switzerland makes it “an interesting indicator of consumer prices within the country and worldwide.” They warned that due to the war in Ukraine, Switzerland could see the price of beer rise once again, as shipments of vital grain are withheld because of the conflict.

See how much beer costs in your city!

Using locally acquired data, Hellosafe has put together a list of the cheapest and most expensive areas to buy beer in the country. To see how your canton did, check out the interactive map below:

Gehen Sie auf HelloSafe Schweiz für weitere Tools.

For more information on methodology, and for other interesting reports, check out the Hellosafe website.

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