[Video] Zurich Zoo animals keep cool during heatwave with giant ice lollies

[Video] Zurich Zoo animals keep cool during heatwave with giant ice lollies

As near-constant heatwaves hit Switzerland and the rest of Europe, it is important to remember that it isn’t just humans that need to keep cool. That is exactly what keepers at the zoo in Zurich are helping to do, with each zoo animal being offered a gigantic ice lolly.

Heatwaves continue to hit Switzerland this summer

On Wednesday and Thursday last week, temperatures in Swiss cities reached above 35 degrees Celsius, in what was the third major heatwave of the summer so far. While families and individuals tried to cool off by drinking water and staying indoors, animals across the country had to find their own ways to stay cool.

"In summer, it's not just us humans who enjoy ice cream,” said Zoo Zurich in a statement: “Our animals in #zoozuerich also get refreshments from the freezer from time to time.” During the hottest days of the heatwave, zoo animals were given their own gigantic iced treats to help stay cool.

Zurich Zoo animals given frozen treat to stay cool during heatwave

To make these jumbo size ice lollies, the zoo creates three flavours: “Not vanilla or strawberry flavour, but fruit and nuts or meat and blood.” These are then mixed separately in large tubs before being filled with water and placed in the freezer.

While not being too appetising for humans, the jumbo ice lollies look like they went down a treat with the zoo’s residents. You can check out how they are made, and the reaction of the animals, in the video below:

Video: Zoo Zürich / YouTube

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