[Video] Sweden explains how it's not Switzerland in new tourism campaign

[Video] Sweden explains how it's not Switzerland in new tourism campaign

As international misunderstandings go, the problem of Sweden being confused with Switzerland is one of the world’s most well-known. Now, Visit Sweden has released an ad trying to separate each country’s brands once and for all. Needless to say, the Swiss are not impressed.

Sweden-Switzerland confusion: The Swedes have had enough!

Citizens of Switzerland, this is a message from Sweden. We are contacting you regarding our mutual problem,” the Visit Sweden video announces. The spokesperson explained that many people around the world still confuse Sweden - the land of meatballs and IKEA - with Switzerland - the land of chocolate and cheese

Most famously, US President Joe Biden confused the two countries live on air last year, claiming that the alpine nation was on the verge of joining NATO. “We [suggested] we call the leader of Switzerland…Switzerland my goodness I’m getting really anxious,” he then corrected himself.

Visit Sweden said that it wanted to separate the two countries by defining each nation’s traditions. Needless to say, they were sure to bag the best ones for themselves:

Video: Visit Sweden / YouTube

As part of the ad, Visit Sweden invited any Swiss official or representative to sign an official petition calling for the separation of Swiss and Swedish traditions.

Visit Sweden ad draws ire from Swiss media

Of course, the idea that Sweden would be given lakes, winding down, forests, affordable ski resorts and “a different kind of luxury”, while Switzerland would be given gold, red flags, LSD and crypto mining did not go down well with the Swiss. Almost a week after the first video was released, the Swiss government decided to get itself involved, with the Swiss Ambassador to the United States, Jacques Pitteloud, releasing a rebuttal. Here’s what he had to say:

Video: Embassy of Switzerland in the United States / YouTube

What are the main differences between Switzerland and Sweden for you? Let us know in the comments below!

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