[Video] Bus in Lucerne drives along with door wide open

[Video] Bus in Lucerne drives along with door wide open

When you are driving, sometimes it feels right to roll down the window, turn up the tunes and let the wind guide your hand as you hold it in the wind. Passengers on a bus in Lucerne may have been given a similar but more arctic experience, after the rear door of their bus was left open on its journey to Rotkreuz.

Bus in Lucerne drives along with door wide open

According to 20 Minuten, the incident occurred on Line 73 between Lucerne and Rotkreuz on January 15. The user who took the video explained that between Schwanenplatz in the city and the Swiss Museum of Transport, the rear door of the bus remained wide open: 


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Luckily for the passengers, who were likely starting to worry about the open door and freeze in the cold cabin - the weather at the time was frigid - the driver soon realised his mistake and chose to cancel the service. Passengers were then told to wait for the next bus, and the broken vehicle was recovered, “put through its paces in the garage” and repaired, a spokesperson for PostBus told 20 Minuten.

Fault has occurred multiple times, Swiss PostBus confirms

According to the subsidiary of the postal service, this isn’t the first time this has happened to a Swiss PostBus, noting that "there are two other new vehicles of this type in which the defect recently occurred." However, they conceded that this was the first time a driver had actually started driving with the door open. “We are in the process of identifying and correcting the error,” they concluded.

Those on the internet saw the funny side of the incident: one commented that the new open-air feature would be very useful “in case the inspector comes and you have to get out quickly” because you don’t have a ticket.

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