Upgrade your lunch break with delicious Powermeals!

Upgrade your lunch break with delicious Powermeals!


The average Swiss worker spends 15 francs per day on their lunch. However, despite the high budget, you may find that the selection of meals available around your workplace is a bit limited. The Swiss meal service Powermeals offers a solution! They deliver thousands of healthy, ready-to-eat meals every week to addresses all over Switzerland.

How does the meal delivery service work?

Powermeals has a simple online ordering system where you can choose your meals for the week, which will then be delivered to your door. There are just four steps to take before enjoying your first tasty dishes:

  • You pick: Go to and click “get started” to place your first order online. You can choose your dishes from the online menu or get a discovery box of four best-selling meals for only 49 francs!
  • They cook: The meals are cooked from scratch by top chefs in their Swiss kitchen, with a focus on seasonal and local produce.
  • They deliver: Your meals for the week will arrive fresh on your doorstep. You can choose to receive your meals at home or at work and they’re shipped with ice packs, so if you aren’t available to receive the delivery, the meals can wait on your doorstep.
  • You enjoy: Your meals arrive individually portioned, and ready-to-eat. All you need to do is store them in the fridge until you’re hungry, then simply reheat and bon appetit!

With Powermeals, great-tasting and easy-to-prepare meals are only a few clicks away!

Discover Swiss family favourites, as well as dishes from back home

The Powermeals menu changes every week, with tens of different exciting dishes to choose from. If you want to discover Swiss cuisine, here’s a sample of the traditional recipes that can be found on the Powermeals menu:

Boeuf marchand de vin

In the Romandie you’ll find many dishes inspired by French cuisine such as this roast beef dish, served with a sweet reduced wine sauce.

Powermeals Beef delivered

Zurich-style sliced veal

A classic from Zurich, this shredded veal in a creamy mushroom sauce is a must-try Swiss family favourite.

Zurich Turkey, Powermeals

Casimir rice

A traditional Swiss curry that mixes chicken coated in fragrant Indian spices with cream and fruit for a unique sweet curry flavour.

Alternatively, if you’re craving something from back home, you’ll also find international dishes like pulled pork or butter chicken masala on the Powermeals menu.

The solution to healthy, tasty and affordable lunches every day

Powermeals: Delicious food delivered!

For around 15 francs per dish, you’ll get a lot more than the salad or sandwich options at your local supermarket. Powermeals is helping Swiss households stay healthy with a serving of vegetables in every dish, with no additives in sight. There are even low-carb meal options available to support any weight-loss goals.

The dishes don’t require any preparation so you don’t need to worry about cooking or washing up. You can reheat and enjoy your meals directly in the tray, and reclaim your lunch break for yourself with no more rushing around or waiting in queues.

With Powermeals, you can enjoy a complete and balanced meal without the hassle, and be sure to have plenty of energy to experience your new home to the fullest!

Powermeals at work

Get your discovery box of four meals for only 49 francs!

Of course, the most important thing is the taste! Discover Powermeals for yourself with four best-selling meals for just 49 CHF. Choose between their omnivore, low-carb and vegetarian meal selections and receive your meals on your doorstep next week.



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