Town in Zurich pays 3,5 million francs to save its mini golf course

Town in Zurich pays 3,5 million francs to save its mini golf course

The town of Dietikon, Canton Zurich, has decided to save its local mini golf course at a cost of 3,5 million Swiss francs. The move follows a large public campaign to rescue the 54-year-old Mühlematt course from extinction.

Mini-golf site in Canton Zurich saved by council

The local council announced that, with the assistance of the cantonal authorities, they had managed to save and purchase the Mühlematt mini-golf course. The town bought the property for 3,5 million Swiss francs, according to a statement released last Tuesday.

The story starts in 2019, when the leaseholder and operator of the mini-golf course announced that he was to enter retirement in 2020. The owner of the land, a Valais construction company, then planned to demolish the course and build houses and apartments for rent on the site.

However, as soon as the construction was announced, the Tages-Anzeiger reported that locals were overcome with nostalgia for the course, which has been operating since 1967. Petitions were signed and council debates held, with little hope of success. That was until the site was discovered by the canton’s Institute for Preservation and Construction History (IDB).

Mini-golf site saved by historical monument status

After touring the facility, the IDB declared the mini-golf course “regionally important” and a recognised historical site. The organisation said that the 60s concrete, equipment and kiosks should all be “substantially preserved,” forcing the council to act. After a bit of haggling, the city council made the purchase and the site was saved.

Now under public ownership, the Minigolf Dietikon interest group has been tasked with reopening the attraction as soon as possible. This is not the first time Dietikon council has used taxpayer money for strange reasons, most notably operating the lowest ski lift in the country despite a distinct lack of snow in recent years.

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