Three years in the making: The best photos and videos from Basel Fasnacht 2022

Three years in the making: The best photos and videos from Basel Fasnacht 2022

After three years of waiting, Basel Fasnacht has returned to the streets of Switzerland’s third-largest city. The celebrations in Basel are known as one of the best places to experience Fasnacht in Switzerland, and this year was no exception.

Basel Fasnacht retook the streets

At the crack of dawn on March 7, streetlights were switched off in the city centre, only for the gloom to be broken by hundreds of colourful lanterns. The sound of drums filled the city at 4am, as Morgestraich - the start of the carnival - got underway.

Video: YouTube / Fasnacht

Thousands lined the streets on a frigid Monday morning to see the coming flotilla of lanterns, decorated in political slogans, figures and pop-culture references. Dark humour is still a large part of the carnival, as shown by the sometimes eccentric images painted on the floats.

Drinking, dancing and frivolity dominated Basel Fasnacht

The next three days in Basel were filled with parades, costumes and Guggenmusik - the traditional off note music that forms an integral part of celebrations. Finally, at 4am on March 10, the festival came to its end after 72 hours of drinking, partying and frivolity.

As is tradition, some of the most striking parts of the festival were the elaborate costumes that the performers wear. These can range from medieval-inspired characters to pirates and figures from international folklore.

With most COVID rules gone, Basel residents will be able to look forward to next year's celebrations with great anticipation. For more information on Basel Fasnacht, check out the official website.

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