Switzerland unseated as world's 10th-largest chocolate exporter

Switzerland unseated as world's 10th-largest chocolate exporter

Switzerland - one of the countries most famed for its chocolate - has lost its position as a top chocolate exporter to a most unlikely competitor: Russia. A report published by The Moscow Times shows Russia surpassed Switzerland for the first time in 2021, according to data from the UN.

Switzerland loses to Russia in value of chocolate exported

Russia exported 839 million US dollars worth of chocolate between September 2020 and 2021, compared with Switzerland’s 819 million. Russia found willing buyers in bordering nations and central Asia. Germany and Belgium continue to dominate the top of the list, with around a quarter of the world's chocolate coming from within their borders.

To achieve 10th place in terms of value, Russia had to export almost three times the amount of chocolate as Switzerland did, as Swiss chocolate is highly expensive compared with other brands. Russian estimates say chocolate exports have increased by 19 percent over 2021, and continue to grow strongly.

Switzerland remains famous for its chocolate

Switzerland now finds itself as the 11th largest chocolate exporter in the world - the first time it has left the top 10 in several years. Despite commanding a higher price than its competitors, the lower levels of exports have seen its position slip.

Switzerland remains famous for its chocolatiers regardless, as it is still home to several large international companies like Nestlé that produce chocolate overseas. However, for Switzerland to regain its position in the top 10, it will have to stand up to one of the foremost superpowers.

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