Swiss teens smoking less but drinking more, report finds

Swiss teens smoking less but drinking more, report finds

A new study has shown that young people in Switzerland are gradually smoking less and drinking more, as habits around tobacco and alcohol change. Overall, Swiss teens feel more satisfied with their lives than 10 years ago, but some are happier than others.

Teenagers in Switzerland satisfied with their lives

The latest “ch-x” survey - a survey of 100.000 young adults commissioned by the government of Switzerland in 2019 - showed that around three-quarters of young people were satisfied with their lives, with 53 percent saying they were very satisfied. This is a 3 percent increase on 10 years ago.

Those who attend higher education or university were reported to be happiest, while those who immediately find a job after the end of compulsory schooling were the least satisfied. The study warned that dissatisfaction has increased significantly among less educated groups in the last 10 years.

Fewer teens smoke but more drink in Switzerland

The study found that among young people, only 17 percent smoke, well below the 25 percent mark set 10 years earlier. On the other hand, the number of young people who drink excessively has increased.

17 percent of respondents said they consume five glasses of alcohol on occasion, 7 percent more than the last survey. ch-x also found young people to be less active, with the number of people practising a sport decreasing from 84 to 74 percent.

Concluding the report, ch-x discovered that teenagers are participating in more elections and referendums, with more associating with the centre and left of the political spectrum. Finally, the number of young people with a declared xenophobic or homophobic position has also declined from 16 to 14 percent.

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