Shortage of local produce as Switzerland suffers poor harvest

Shortage of local produce as Switzerland suffers poor harvest

Switzerland is set to see fewer locally grown vegetables, wines, fruits and cereals due to the poor harvest this summer. Farmers and vintners have complained about the poor weather for many months, with some predicting a “historically low harvest” for all crops grown.

Spring and summer 2021 in Switzerland impacted crop yields 

According to 24 heures, the spring and summer seasons this year in Switzerland were two of the worst on record for farmers. The paper predicted that, in the next few months, shoppers will see a smaller range of local products on the shelves, or see food that is of "poor quality."

Markus Waber, from the Association of Swiss Vegetable Producers, said that the poor conditions led to “some of the larger carrots not being sown or sown too late." He predicted that this will be one of the few times ever in Switzerland where carrots will have to be imported from abroad.

Swiss fruits and vegetables expected to be in short supply

Alongside carrots, a spokesperson for agricultural cooperative fenaco has warned of a historically low potato harvest. All cantons in Switzerland have been affected, with the spokesperson predicting, "In the next few weeks, the seasonal availability of fresh Swiss vegetables will gradually decrease."

The low yields have been seen throughout Switzerland, with winemakers in the mountains reporting a decrease in yields for 2021. It is hoped that supplies from abroad will compensate for the loss, but for now, businesses involved in farming should expect losses.

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