New panoramic express train to launch in Switzerland in December

New panoramic express train to launch in Switzerland in December

Alongside the stunning Glacier and Bernina Express railways - which were recently found to be some of the most photographed railway lines in the world - Switzerland will see a new panoramic express railway service launch this year. The GoldenPass Express is set to launch on December 11, providing a non-stop connection between Montreux and ski resorts in the mountains.

Take in the stunning Swiss mountains from the GoldenPass Express

The Montreux Oberland Bernois Railway Company (MOB) said in a statement that the new panoramic train service will begin operations from December 11. Using the GoldenPass railway line through the Alps, the new express train will provide a non-stop connection between Montreux on Lake Geneva, and the ski resorts of Gstaad and Interlaken, Canton Bern.

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The new service was originally intended to start in September, 2021, but was postponed due to the COVID pandemic. The first service will leave at 9.08am on December 11 from Interlaken West railway station - another service at 9.35am will leave Montreux station in the opposite direction. From Montreux, passengers will be able to take other public transport services to Lausanne and Geneva, and from Interlaken, visitors can continue their journey on to Bern or Lucerne.

New trains designed for new Swiss panoramic rail service

On the three-hour 15-minute journey, passengers will see stunning alpine scenery in three separate classes: First, Second and Prestige Class, all of which offer stunning views in sumptuous comfort. The train itself is made specially by Stadler, a Swiss international company, and is designed to be able to use both standard and metre gauge railways - essential for a fast, uninterrupted service on the old line.

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Due to lower tourist numbers, only one service each way will run a day until June 10, 2023. However, from June 11, the MOB is expected to increase the service to four round trips a day.

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