Migros in Zurich found to change fruit and veg prices by location

Migros in Zurich found to change fruit and veg prices by location

A new analysis from consumer magazine Saldo has revealed that Migros changes its prices for fresh produce dramatically depending on where the branch is located. In Zurich and Basel alone, prices at the supermarket varied by up to 10 percent.

Migros changes prices in Zurich based on location

According to the report, covered by 20 Minuten, Saldo revealed that far from offering the same prices in every store, branches of Migros offer different prices for fresh produce. In some cases, customers could save money by switching to stores that are less than a few minutes walk apart.

In Zurich, they found that a pack of aubergines from Spain cost 2,40 francs per kilo at stores in Kreis 1 (HB Sihlquai and Stadelhofen), 5 (Industriequartier) and 8 (Kreuzplatz) on March 6. On the same day, stores in Wiedikon, Wengihof and Schaffhauserplatz were offering eggplants for 2,20 francs. This means that if shoppers took a short walk or tram ride to another Migros store, they could save up to 9 percent.

The same phenomenon was also found for apples and butternut squash, where prices varied by an average of 8,6 percent and 9 percent respectively. They estimated that in Zurich, the price differences allowed the international company to increase sales revenue by 0,1 percent last year - by approximately 2,64 million francs.

Surcharges used to pay for more expensive stores, says Migros

Speaking to 20 Minuten, a spokesperson for the Migros Zurich cooperative noted that they only add a variable surcharge to fresh fruits and vegetables, and meat and fish sold at serviced counters. They explained that while 70 of their approximately 100 branches sell products at the same price, 30 branches are allowed to charge more or less.

They explained that prices are different in certain stores “due to their location.” They used the example of the Migros near Zurich HB, which has longer working hours and is in a high-demand location with equally high rental costs to match. Therefore, to make up for the higher cost of rent and salaries, they are allowed to charge marginally more for fresh goods.

For its part, Migros Basel said that all the prices in its stores should be the same, except for the branch in Basel SBB, where a few products can be up to 10 percent more expensive. Other Migros cooperatives from across Swiss cantons said that while they keep their prices the same across the stores they control, they have noticed price differences between cooperatives.

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