Lakefront in Lausanne to be closed to cars on weekends this summer

Lakefront in Lausanne to be closed to cars on weekends this summer

Between May 20 and September 17, the city of Lausanne will be closing a number of streets to cars on weekends, the local council (Gemeinde) has confirmed. Areas near Lake Geneva will be closed to drivers on Saturdays and Sundays in a bid to encourage people to cycle, walk or use public transport

Lausanne Ouchy to be closed to cars on weekends

Authorities in the capital of Canton Vaud have confirmed that the Quay at Lausanne Ouchy and at Quai de Belgique - between Place du Port and the Haldimand Tower - will be closed to cars on weekends between May 20 and September 17. The policy, first tested in 2020, "Aims to provide the population with space to walk safely around the lake," authorities told 20 Minuten.

The policy will be active from 10am on Saturday until 8pm on Sunday every week. During this time, the areas will only be passable by foot, bike, skateboard, scooter, rollerblades or any “other means of transport that uses physical effort” as its source of power. 

Roads restricted to cyclists, riders and pedestrians

Local public transport, like bus route 24, will be detoured to “allow pedestrians and cyclists to take advantage of the reserved space in complete safety.” Authorities also confirmed that they will be increasing the number of M2 metro services to Ouchy on Saturday to help encourage people to visit the waterfront and take advantage of the car-less streets.

The local council told 20 Minuten that they hope the plan will make trips to the lakefront more pleasant while not compromising accessibility. “The promenade along the quays is very popular with the population and tourists. We are therefore delighted to offer them the possibility of enjoying this beautiful place in complete freedom,” concluded local councillor Florence Germond.

For more information, check out the official press release (in French).

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