Image of Queen Elizabeth II projected in the skies above Switzerland

Image of Queen Elizabeth II projected in the skies above Switzerland

To commemorate the passing of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, artist Gerry Hofstetter has used her image to light up the night sky in Switzerland. The artwork was projected nine kilometres above the Swiss ski resort of Lauterbrunnen.

Image of Elizabeth II lights up the night sky in Switzerland

On Saturday, September 17, an image of Queen Elizabeth II was projected in the clouds above the Swiss mountains. The piece, entitled Travelling to the Stars, was created by famous Swiss light artist Gerry Hofstetter in collaboration with the British Embassy in Bern.

Hofstetter is famous for light shows and projections, having created artworks for the Queen’s platinum jubilee and other major events. Using famous Swiss landmarks and historical sites as his canvas - such as the Swiss National Museum, Federal Palace in Bern and the Matterhorn - he uses light projections to create stunning images which are kilometres wide.

Light projection shows the Queen with her husband Prince Phillip

In this case, the image depicted the Queen laughing and holding hands with her husband Prince Phillip. The cloudy weather created a stunning scene nine kilometres above Lauterbrunnen Canton Bern, which you can see below.

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