How much do the Swiss spend on Valentine's Day?

How much do the Swiss spend on Valentine's Day?

With Valentine’s Day already upon us, a new study by HelloSafe has revealed how much people in Switzerland like to spend on the day for lovers, and what people like to do on February 14. In all, they found that the amount spent on the day can vary by up to 48 francs depending on region, with one canton in the Romande being the most frugal.

People in Switzerland to spend 115 francs on Valentine's Day

The survey of 759 partners in Switzerland found that couples are expecting to spend an average of 115 Swiss francs on Valentine's Day in 2023. Interestingly, less than half of respondents said that the ongoing cost of living crisis would affect how much they spend this year.

Of the several cantons analysed in depth, people in Valais appear to be the most enthused about Valentine’s Day, with each couple expected to spend 136 Swiss francs on gifts and dinners - over half of Valaisanners said they will be having a romantic meal at home to celebrate. Geneva took second place with 117,20 francs.

Traditional Valentine's Day gifts on the decline

On the flip side, people in Canton Vaud appear to be the least bothered about Valentine’s day, with each couple set to fork out 88,98 Swiss francs on the day, the lowest in the country. Unlike the rest of Switzerland, however, people in the canton are more likely to have a romantic dinner at a restaurant than at home. In all, 30,3 percent of Switzerland's couples are planning a meal at home, while only 19,8 percent expected to go out.

In terms of gifts on Valentine’s Day, it appears that the old favourites like perfume and roses have dropped in popularity: despite still being the two most common gifts to give on the day, only 18,9 percent of Swiss people will give their partners perfume this Valentine's Day, while only 15,5 percent of people will buy their amore flowers.

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