Four Swiss football teams manage to end the season without a single point

Four Swiss football teams manage to end the season without a single point

For any fan or player, losing a game of football can be hard. While there are many winners in the beautiful game, Watson has found four football teams in the alpine nation that have lost every single game they have played in the last year, with one being crowned the worst football team in Switzerland.

Four Swiss football clubs end the season without a point

There are around 15.000 football teams in Switzerland, ranging from the biggest clubs in Basel, Bern and Zurich, right down to the amateur leagues. For the best, there is promotion, silverware and the possibility of competing against teams across Europe. For the worst, there is relegation and, if you are in the fifth tier of the Swiss leagues, the chance to win the accolade of being the “worst football team in Switzerland.”

According to Watson, four teams in the bottom divisions managed to go the entire 2021-22 season without a victory or even a draw. FC Lavigny from Canton Vaud, FC Vicques from Jura, AS Tresa from Ticino and FC Gossau SG 4 from St. Gallen ended their seasons without a single point between them.

Worst football team in Switzerland revealed

By goal difference, FC Lavigny were the worst team in Switzerland in 2021-22, with 147 goals conceded to just 12 scored. From their small ground off the Rue du I'Etraz - which offers stunning views of Lake Geneva - the club lost 18 to nothing on one occasion, with their closest chance at a point coming in a four-two defeat against FC Tolochenaz II.

The club, based in a village of 1.000 people, was disbanded in 2011 before being revived by locals in 2018. It may not have the largest fanbase, but not many clubs can boast something like "Selection FC Lavigny" - a Chasselas white wine grown in the village and dedicated to their plucky team.

Winning is not everything in Swiss amateur football

On average, three football teams in Switzerland finish each season without a point. However, only two teams - Kurdish FC Solothurn and FC Massonnens - have been given the title of the worst team in Switzerland more than once.

Of course, in amateur football, results tend not to matter as much as in clashes between FC Basel and Zurich. The fact that the four teams finished the season without withdrawing is a win in itself, and many would argue that their presence makes the game all the more beautiful.

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