First gay yodelling choir established in Switzerland

First gay yodelling choir established in Switzerland

In a tuneful step forward for both the genre and inclusivity, the first-ever gay yodelling club has launched in Switzerland. The project is the brainchild of yodelling virtuoso Franz Markus Stadelmann, who said that it is the fulfilment of a long-held dream.

Singing star opens Switzerland's first gay yodelling choir

Speaking to SRF, Stadelmann, who is gay himself, said that the idea of a yodelling club for gay men was an often discussed idea among himself and fellow singers. After over a year of discussions, the Jodlerklub Männertreu is now a reality and looking for members. 

Stadelmann said that he and his colleagues “felt the need to do something like this.” In the highly-traditional scene that is Swiss yodelling, he said that his idea has already made a big splash: “It's actually crazy when you consider that, in contrast, there are other yodelling clubs that have existed for 100 years that garner much less interest.” 

Hopes for gay choir to attend Swiss Federal Yodelling Festival

Stadelmann's vision is for gay men to be given a community in yodelling. However, all men are welcome to join the group regardless of their sexuality, and they do not have to yodel - Stadelmann explained that “in a yodelling club, “only” two or three singers yodel. Everyone else sings, just like in other choirs.”

The first rehearsal of the new club took place on January 27, with subsequent meetings set to be held every month. The group is based around Bern and Lucerne, and many have already started to apply, with Stadelmann hoping that around 20 will end up joining long-term.

“We’re not interested in making a statement with a pointing finger in the sense of ‘we gays have to stand up for ourselves and be allowed to yodel,’” Stadelmann explained, adding that the songs chosen will still be traditionally Swiss. Their dream? To perform at the Federal Yodelling Festival, which will take place in Basel in 2026.

For more information about the group, check out the official website.

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