Farmy: The freshest local groceries delivered right to your door

Farmy: The freshest local groceries delivered right to your door


Moving to a new country and acquainting yourself with its culture and language takes time and energy. As you make this transition, the last thing you need is to spend valuable time battling crowds at the grocery store or searching for parking spaces every week to buy food that’s been sitting in the store's aisles for too long.

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This is where Farmy can help you, the Swiss online market that really has everything you're looking for. With a focus on supporting local, small producers, transparency and unparalleled freshness, Farmy is the convenient and sustainable choice for grocery shopping for high-quality, locally sourced goods in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Farmy: Transparency every step of the way

When you choose Farmy, you're not just buying groceries - you're supporting local communities and small producers. And these are not just any producers! Like Farmy, they are committed to sustainability and work hard to offer you the best quality products while minimising their impact on the environment as much as possible – an attitude you can definitely taste!

With its focus on transparency, shopping at Farmy also means that you’re getting to know Swiss food culture and Swiss farmers. This is because Farmy always tells you exactly where a product comes from and introduces you to the producer behind it.

Farmy promotes sustainability in Switzerland

What’s more, Farmy’s special logistics concept allows for on-demand grocery shopping: the fresh food in your order, which is put together at Farmy, comes to you directly from the farmers' fields. So if you're looking for fresher food than Farmy, you'll have to start your own veg garden!

This policy of farm-to-doorstep also means that your food is up to five days fresher than products from the supermarket due to the lack of intermediate storage, thus avoiding food waste and helping to promote sustainable shopping. This also includes sustainable packaging materials: Farmy's cooling pads and reusable bottles can simply be returned to the courier when the next order is received, which allows for reuse after thorough cleaning.

Convenience at your fingertips

Whether on your computer at home or your phone on the bus: the user-friendly Farmy website and app make it super easy for you to do your entire weekly shopping from anywhere, in one place, easily and transparently. With Farmy, fruits and vegetables, Swiss cheese, butcher-quality meat, crispy delicacies, sweet temptations, ready-meals, flowers, wine, everyday household helpers, a selected range of brands and more are all conveniently delivered to your door at a time that suits you.

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