Coop to save 400 tonnes of paper a year by not printing receipts

Coop to save 400 tonnes of paper a year by not printing receipts

One of the largest supermarkets in Switzerland, Coop, has announced that it will be ditching paper receipts at its stores. From now on, shoppers will have to ask for a paper receipt or receive it digitally.

Coop to scrap receipts in stores in Switzerland

After testing out the policy on self-service checkout terminals, the company announced that it would no longer automatically print receipts for customers. The test had been ongoing for more than two years before the international company decided to make the change.

The move will be enacted across Swiss cities and will see Coop save 400 tonnes of paper a year - the weight of around 60 African elephants. For those who want a receipt, you will still be able to ask for one at tills, or request a digital receipt.

Other supermarkets like Migros not yet following suit

So far, Coop's main competitors have been hesitant to announce the change. Migros, one of the other large supermarkets has not announced similar plans, although digitised receipts are still available.

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