Burger King trials completely meat-free menu in Geneva and Basel

Burger King trials completely meat-free menu in Geneva and Basel

Two branches of the fast-food chain Burger King have decided to cut meat out of their menu for 10 days. From June 13 to 24, two restaurants in Geneva and Basel will trial 14 meatless alternatives to their traditional menu, making it entirely vegetarian.

First Burger King restaurants to be entirely vegetarian

According to Watson, many vegans and vegetarians do not visit Burger King restaurants regularly, as the international company does not have a large selection of non-meat products. Others have accused the company of not accommodating vegans, as although the restaurant offers a plant-based burger, the sauce that comes with it is typically not vegan.

That is all set to change, for at least 12 days. Between June 13 and 24, two Burger King chains, one in Basel station and one in central Geneva, will switch to a solely plant-based menu. 

A total of 14 new products - such as veggie nuggets and veggie whopper - will be on sale, making the stores the first Burger Kings to be entirely vegetarian. The meat-based alternatives will be provided by the Vegetarian Butcher and will be designed to resemble their meat-based counterparts.

Three new vegetarian meals made permanent in Swiss Burger Kings

"With this campaign, Burger King aims to show meat lovers how delicious plant-based alternatives can be," a spokesperson for the restaurant said. She said that the items will not only look like meat, “But will also taste like it.”

For those hoping the change is permanent, unfortunately, the trial is set to come to an end on June 23, when they will revert back to a mostly meat-based menu. However, as part of the trial, three new secret veggie dishes will be launched nationwide from June 20.

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