900 football fields' worth of wild flowers planted in Lucerne to help bees

900 football fields' worth of wild flowers planted in Lucerne to help bees

In an attempt to provide a healthy habitat for bees, Canton Lucerne has sown over 970 football fields' worth of wildflowers as part of its “Sowing species-rich flower meadow” project. The scheme has now been going for 20 years and has made significant strides in bringing biodiversity, plants and animals back to the canton.

Project designed to bring back traditional Swiss alpine flowers and meadows

According to authorities in Lucerne, their main aim was to re-establish the traditional flower meadows that were once native to the fields of the canton. “Due to the intensification of agriculture, the meadows had almost completely disappeared from the landscape of Lucerne,” they explained.

With the help of local seed producers, authorities developed a special mix of seeds that were not only native to Switzerland but also tailored to the landscape and altitude of the surrounding area. The effect was a return of lush natural meadows, perfect for bees, grasshoppers and butterflies.

Lucerne now awash with bees and butterflies

Since its founding 20 years ago, the project has planted 700 hectares of meadows, the size of more than 970 football fields. Together with other schemes to connect different habitats by hedges and bordering, cantonal expert Jörg Gemsch said the project has had a dramatic impact on the landscape and has seen bee and butterfly populations skyrocket.

While the 20-year milestone is one that requires celebration, the canton concedes that much more needs to be done and more needs to be planted. Those interested in coating their own land with beautiful alpine meadows, who happen to live in Canton Lucerne, can submit an application to the Agriculture and Forest Service.

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