7 best street markets in Switzerland

7 best street markets in Switzerland

While the street markets of Switzerland are perhaps lesser known, they are still an absolute delight to explore on a beautiful day and are an easy place to find some vintage pieces or sample local produce. There are many throughout the country, but here are some of the major ones in each of the largest cities.

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Wander through almost any Swiss city at the weekend and you're likely to see a multitude of flea markets, street markets, and even food markets. While some are open year-round, others are open only on specific dates. Here are some of our favourites which we think are perfect for a weekend of exploring! 

1. Flohmarkt at the Grosse Halle in Bern

On the first Sunday of every month except January and August, flea market connoisseurs flock to this Flohmarkt, or flea market, in Bern to find all kinds of goods like vintage clothes, trendy boots or intricate jewellery. Conveniently located near the main station, this flea market is one of the largest in all of Switzerland. The market at the Grosse Halle begins at 9am and continues all day until 4pm, so there’s plenty of time for visitors to find what they want amidst the hustle and bustle.

2. Flohmarkt on Petersplatz in Basel

If you’re in need of a special gift for yourself or a loved one, then look no further! The flea market at Petersplatz in Basel is the one for you. Taking place every Saturday of the year, aside from public holidays, from 7.30am to 4pm the market is packed with second-hand goods and handmade crafts. The location is very ideal for families with children, as it is located in the middle of a park.

Local market in the city of Bern Switzerland

3. Strandgut Flohmarkt in Lucerne

Every third Sunday of the month, from 10am until 3pm, the pool in the Neubad Cultural Centre in Lucerne is converted from a bathing area into a massive Flohmarkt. Visitors can stock up on everything from old books and novel art pieces, to vintage clothing, old records and much more. Expect to haggle a little, and you might be heading home with a few bargains! And if anyone is feeling hungry, there are tasty bites to be bought at the Strandcafe.

4. Antiques Market in Lugano

On Saturdays in Lugano, from 8am until 5pm, there is a specialised market in the Canova Quarter dedicated to all antique enthusiasts. With books, frames, crystals, charming silver decorations and fine china, the antique market has it all. The market is excellent for a lovely stroll in the quarter just a stone's throw away from the beautiful Lake Lugano.

Antique market in Lugano, Switzerland

Image credit: / goga18128

5. Flohmarkt Kanzlei in Zurich

The most famous Flohmarkt in Zurich, the flea market "Kanzlei" in Helvetiaplatz is held every Saturday from 7.20am until 4pm. It is a very popular spot to head to straight after - or before - a night out, as it is located in the vibrant nightlife district of the city (Langstrasse), and is only 10 minutes from the main station. Visitors can find absolutely anything here, from common everyday goods to unique items that would make for a perfect gift.

6. Plainpalais Flohmarkt in Geneva

Taking place every Wednesday and Saturday, and also on the first Sunday of each month, this Flohmarkt in Geneva is one of the largest in all of Switzerland and attracts all kinds of visitors from antique dealers and collectors to people just looking for a fun day out. Expect lots of books, clothes, jewellery, antiques, and assorted decorative knick-knacks. Located near the Arve River, the Plainpalais market is a vibrant stop that both visitors and locals can enjoy.

Flea market in Geneva, Switzerland

Image credit: / Michael Derrer Fuchs

7. Galluszplatz Flohmarkt in St. Gallen

From April to November, on the first Saturday of the month, the stalls of the flea market pack the Galluszplatz in St. Gallen in order to meet all types of bargain hunter's needs. The market itself is a sight to behold, surrounded by quaint buildings and sprawling out under the square's huge tree. The greenery creates a serene atmosphere that pairs with the hustle of the flea market perfectly. Enjoy a beautiful stroll while treating yourself or a loved one to a special gift or souvenir.

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Whether you’re looking for a particular gift or wandering through the city, these street markets in Switzerland are worth a visit. Have a local market that you think everyone should know about? Let us know in the comments below!

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