6 fantastic tropical swimming pools to visit in Switzerland

6 fantastic tropical swimming pools to visit in Switzerland

In the middle of winter, many people in Switzerland will be sitting inside and longing for the summer holidays and warm weather to return. Luckily, the alpine nation is home to a number of great indoor tropical swimming pools which will take you back to those hot days of summer and help tie you over until swimming in the lakes and rivers becomes possible again.

Tropical swimming pools in Switzerland

Now, you may be wondering what a tropical swimming pool actually is. Unlike traditional public pools, which may have an indoor 50-metre pool and a kiddie pool, tropical swimming pools are large, heated swimming baths with slides, wave machines, spas and more - in short, fun for all the family!

While these facilities aren’t as common or as widespread as tropical swimming pools in Germany and the Netherlands, Switzerland has a number of great pools that make for a really special day out. Here are some of our favourites:

1. Alpamare Pfäffikon

Perhaps the most well-known water park in Switzerland, Alpamare is a top activity centre that can liven up any weekend. Plus, it's only an hour's journey away from Zurich on public transport!

Along with the 12 different water slides, Alpamare is also home to some great pools to relax and unwind in. These include a brand-new wave pool, a heated lazy river that flows outside, a large communal pool and a brine thermal bath for the spa-conscious guest. For the kids, there is also an indoor “children’s paradise" to explore.

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2. Bernaqua Bern

The largest adventure pool in Canton Bern, Bernaqua is the closest you’ll find to one of the massive tropical swimming pools present in the rest of Europe. Designed by renowned architect Daniel Libeskind, this stunning facility has 2.000 square metres of swimming space to explore, including three huge water slides and 18 different pools.

Along with a freshwater pool, brine pool, lazy river, bubble pool, wild water river and a steam grotto, the facility also offers an extensive spa experience that includes five saunas and special Romano-Irish bathing facilities. What’s more, the facility is ably served by buses, trains and trams from the Bern Brünnen Westside station.

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3. Säntispark Bäderwelt

Just a stone’s throw from St. Gallen, Säntispark Bäderwelt is a grand day out for all. Sit back, relax and indulge yourself in the large wellness pools indoors, or venture out and catch a glimpse of the nearby mountains while immersing yourself in the warm bubbly waters outside.

Thrill seekers can also look forward to the white water "canyon" - at 110 metres, it’s the longest one in Switzerland! On the flip side, for those who seek peak relaxation, Säntispark Bäderwelt provides one of the most comprehensive spas on the list with a number of pools, saunas and lounges available to use as your while away the hours.

4. Aquabasilea Pratteln

From lazy rivers to wave pools and water slides, Aquabasilea Pratteln is described as one of the most diverse water parks in Switzerland. All underneath a wooden dome, the tropical paradise offers something for everyone.

Located on the outskirts of Basel, the Aquabasilea is impeccably designed, with vitality pools, saunas and a number of great water slides. In the summer, guests can also go outside and take advantage of one of the longest water slides in Switzerland.

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5. Splash and Spa Tamaro

The Splash and Spa Tamaro in Canton Ticino is one of the finest swimming baths in all of Italian Switzerland. With attraction pools, wave pools and steam and brine baths, what’s not to love? 

One of the best parts of the pools is the spa, with a huge number of treatments based on hot-to-cold immersion therapy. If you can’t get enough of the cold winter weather, why not try out the ice-cold snow sauna?

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6. Eau-là-là Davos

Finally, if you want to pair a fantastic swimming pool with stunning views of the mountains, Eau-là-là in Davos is the place for you. Situated in the heart of the Swiss ski resort, the swimming pool has diving broads, length pools with wide windows overlooking the valley and, most famously, the outdoor heated pool with views of the Alps.

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Check out these Swiss tropical swimming paradises!

There are so many excellent tropical pools to visit in Switzerland, there's simply no time to mention them all. Which tropical swimming pool has made it onto your bucket list? Let us know in the comments below!

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