37 degree temperatures forecast as Switzerland braces for heatwave

37 degree temperatures forecast as Switzerland braces for heatwave

As the country basks in the first major heatwave of the summer, many meteorologists are warning that the weather in Switzerland is getting a bit too hot. As the "Spanish heatwave" sweeps across Europe, Swiss cities and cantons are set to experience temperatures of up to 37 degrees Celsius this weekend.

European heatwave arrives in Switzerland

After a brief rain shower on Wednesday, the weather in Switzerland has been consistently hot and sunny. Like the rest of Europe, the alpine nation is in the grip of high pressure and warm winds from the Mediterranean and Spain.

This phenomenon is only set to get worse, or better, depending on your perspective. While the cities of Zurich, Geneva and Bern will not experience the 40-degree temperatures recorded in Iberia, the mercury is still set to rise to 34 degrees Celsius by Sunday.

Basel forecast to be the hottest city in Switzerland

Basel is forecast to be the hottest place in the country, with the city on the Rhine set to see temperatures peak at a whopping 37 degrees on Sunday. While it may be the right time to try swimming in the local river for the first time, the exceedingly high temperatures have meteorologists worried.

Across the country, MeteoSwiss has raised the heatwave warning to level three for Saturday and Sunday, although the level may increase further soon. The government recommends protecting yourself by staying in the shade, avoiding vigorous physical activity, drinking plenty of water and eating cool, fresh and light meals.

Heatwave expected to end in Switzerland on Wednesday

In addition, the government has warned that the excessive heat may lead to forest fires in the mountains, like those seen in Spain. Currently, there is a considerable danger of forest fires in most of southern and western Switzerland, and moderate risk in Canton Zurich, Aargau, Thurgau, Schaffhausen, Jura and Graubünden.

The extremely high temperatures are forecast until Wednesday, when thunderstorms and heavy rain is expected to fall across the nation. Until then, people in Switzerland will be baked in the "Spanish heatwave."

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