2.000 year-old Roman ruins discovered in Canton Zug

2.000 year-old Roman ruins discovered in Canton Zug

Archaeologists in Canton Zug have made a once-in-100-year discovery near the Äbnetwald quarrying area: a 2.000-year-old set of Roman walls. Experts say that the old palisade is part of a large ancient complex buried beneath the soil.

Several Roman walls discovered in Äbnetwald

Specialists from the Office for the Preservation of Monuments and Archeology in Zug told 20 Minuten that excavators had discovered a series of stone walls built by the Romans around 2.000 years ago. Department head Gishan Schaeren noted that "Roman buildings of similar dimensions" were last discovered in the region 100 years ago.

According to officials from the canton, the walls are part of a complex that includes several rooms and spans 500 square meters. Alongside the walls, archaeologists also uncovered Roman tableware and glass vessels that were likely sourced from the Mediterranean region.

Roman ruins in Zug were immaculately preserved

Speaking to 20 Minuten, Christa Ebnöther, Professor of Archeology of the Roman Provinces at the University of Bern, said that “in the foothills of the Alps, only a few structural relics of this kind from the Roman period are known - in contrast to other regions." "What is also astounding is the relatively good preservation of the remains”, she noted.

Experts are now trying to determine the purpose of the buildings. They explained that the site in Äbnetwald was very popular with the Romans, as the location offers good views of the nearby valley, forest and river. “The discovery will provide important insights into the Romans in the pre-Alpine region of Central Switzerland,” cantonal authorities wrote in a statement.

Members of the public hoping to see the ruins for themselves will also given the opportunity, as the canton is now organising an open excavation day from 10am to 4pm on September 2. More information can be found on the official website.

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