Online Swiss tax services & advisors

Online Swiss tax services & advisors

Take the stress out of Swiss taxes by consulting with a tax advisor! If your financial affairs are complex, for instance if you are a freelancer, run your own business, or have multiple sources of income, having a good, reliable accountant is essential. Browse our listings of tax consultants, accountants and companies offering taxation services, such as double-entry bookkeeping, VAT declarations and annual tax returns.

  • We are a fiduciary company specialized in providing Swiss tax consultation and tax preparation services to the expat community in Switzerland. We offer a free no-obligation consultation to discuss your situation. It couldn’t be easier for you to gain control over your tax affairs. Get in touch today!

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  • TaXperts specializes in providing professional US and Swiss tax advisory services. Our team of tax advisors has many years of experience serving expats, locals and cross-borders in Switzerland. We understand the complex tax situations that you may face while living and working in Switzerland. We pride ourselves on being transparent about our services, quality and pricing. You know what you get with us!

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  • The only simple, fast, and affordable web-app software solution to filing U.S. taxes as an expat. On average, file in 30 minutes! We focus on eliminating double taxation, not just identifying deductions. Using complex IRS tax codes and international tax treaties, the software makes it smooth and straightforward for expats to stay tax compliant and save money while living away from home.

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  • We offer more than 10 years of experience in completing tax returns for expats living in Switzerland. Save up to 50% new customer discounts. Starting from 90,- CHF for a simple tax return. We will ensure that you receive the maximum tax refund possible. We offer digital and personal appointment.

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  • Living abroad is complex enough. We’ll simplify the US expat tax part. Our dedicated team of expert expat accountants focuses 100% on your expat tax returns to ensure you save the most money. Learn more about the services we offer for Americans living Abroad. Contact us.

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  • Exiu is a professional Tax and Financial Advisory service firm that provides advice and support to clients on Swiss tax-related matters. We help clients minimize tax liability, plan for tax-efficiency, and ensure compliance with Swiss tax obligations. Our services include tax planning, tax preparation, tax dispute resolution, and representation in tax audits and appeals.

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  • Need clarity with Swiss taxes? Our tax services offer smart solutions to navigate the complex system, particularly for expats facing challenges like special tax status, complex assets, and withholding taxes. Trust us to make your experience financially effective, convenient, and fast.

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