ZH 50 number plate sold for 202.000 francs at auction

ZH 50 number plate sold for 202.000 francs at auction

The Swiss number plate ZH 50 - the first ever two-digit number plate from Zurich to go under the hammer - has been sold at auction. However, despite high interest, the amount fetched was not record-breaking. 

ZH 50 sold at auction 

After a total of 170 bids, the number plate ZH 50 was sold for 202.000 Swiss francs on Wednesday evening. The special two-digit number plate was being auctioned off to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Zurich-Albisgütli department of the motor vehicle office, where vehicles are registered

The winning bid came from the bidder “DAGA” just shortly before the end of the auction, giving the other bidders too little time to outbid. The money raised from the number plate sale will go into the coffers of Canton Zurich

Record bid for Zurich number plate was 226.000 francs

ZH 50 was unusual in being the lowest number plate auctioned so far in Zurich. However, it did not fetch a record-breaking sum, being beaten by the number plate ZH 100, which brought in 226.000 francs. 

The national record in Switzerland was set in Canton Zug by the number plate ZG 10, which sold for 233.000 francs. 

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