Switzerland to introduce new motorway e-vignette from August 1

Switzerland to introduce new motorway e-vignette from August 1

From August 1, 2023, Switzerland will introduce a new motorway e-vignette in addition to the classic sticker vignette. The e-vignette will be electronically linked to the vehicle’s registration and licence plate, and can be purchased at any time from the Federal Office of Customs and Border Security (BAZG) portal online - the website is due to be released at the start of August.

Vignette sticker is staying for now, but could be abolished in the future

For now, the classic sticker vignette will remain in use alongside the e-vignette. In the future, the country may abolish the physical sticker entirely if sales fall below 10 percent of vignettes purchased. This decision was made by the Swiss parliament as part of a revision to the National Road Tax Act, which also comes into force at the beginning of August. 

How to check the new e-vignettes was a controversial issue in Swiss politics for some time. Now, opposing parties have come to an agreement: the BAZG and law enforcement can carry out automated random checks using traffic monitoring systems and mobile devices. The e-vignettes can also be used by authorities to check specific drivers when dangerous driving occurs.

Motorway vignettes in Switzerland

Switzerland requires drivers to purchase and display a vignette on the front windscreen in order to drive on the motorway. The stickers cost 40 Swiss francs and are valid for one year - the new e-vignettes will have both the same cost and validity period. The money obtained from the sale of (e-)vignettes is used for the maintenance of the country’s motorways.

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