Swiss ski resorts in conflict with the government over COVID certificate

Swiss ski resorts in conflict with the government over COVID certificate

A Swiss ski lift organisation has cast doubt on whether COVID vaccination certificates will be required for skiers to use ski lifts throughout the winter sports season in the mountains

Swiss government locks horns with Seilbahnen Schweiz

The Swiss ski lift organisation, Seilbahnen Schweiz, said that lift operators had agreed with both cantons and the federal government not to introduce a requirement for COVID passports on ski lifts for the upcoming season. The announcement was welcomed by ski resorts in Switzerland, who were concerned that a certificate requirement may discourage guests from abroad from coming to Switzerland during the winter holidays.

However, the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH) rushed to brand Seilbahnen Schweiz’s announcement as “presumptuous”, adding that it is down to the federal government whether or not they will introduce new COVID-19 measures at ski resorts. 

While many other countries forced their ski resorts to close last year, Switzerland chose to leave them open, with the mountains entertaining mostly domestic skiing enthusiasts. 

Many COVID rules for ski resorts are still in place

As of October 2021, ski resorts still need to abide by many restrictions to prevent the transmission of COVID-19. 

Following discussions with hospitals and healthcare experts, the Swiss government has concluded that the measures must remain in place for the winter season, while suggesting that more measures may have to be implemented if COVID cases increase. 

Some of the current measures include the requirement to wear a mask while in ski lift cabins and the use of COVID certificates for entry into restaurants, as is the case across the country.

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