Swiss health insurance premiums to rise by up to 9 percent in 2023, study finds

Swiss health insurance premiums to rise by up to 9 percent in 2023, study finds

According to a new study by consulting firm Accenture, premiums for basic and supplemental health insurance are set to rise by up to 9 percent when contracts are renewed for 2023. The company blamed the rising prices on the increased cost of healthcare in Switzerland.

Premium rises blamed on increased cost of Swiss healthcare

Despite the cost of health insurance falling last year, a report published by NZZ am Sonntag found that prices will soon rise again. On average, the cost of basic health insurance is set to rise by 5,4 percent in 2023, before factors like inflation are even included in the final price.

In a statement, Accenture explained that health insurance premiums need to “catch up” with the price of medicine and treatment in Swiss hospitals, as healthcare costs rose significantly between 2020 and 2021. The international company blamed the current situation on the “political pressure” imposed by the government to delay premium rises until after the COVID pandemic. 

Health insurance price hikes to vary by Swiss canton

The price rises will vary dramatically by canton, with Ticino expected to see premiums increase by 9,2 percent in 2023. Cantons Graubünden, Neuchâtel, Geneva, Vaud, Appenzell Ausserrhoden, Schaffhausen, Basel-Stadt and Zurich will all see premiums rise by more than 6 percent. The cantons with the lowest cost rises will be Glarus (1 percent), Jura (1,4), Nidwalden (2,6) and Uri (2,9).

However, Watson noted that the increase in insurance premiums for 2023 may be much higher, as the study did not consider healthcare cost rises from 2022, which are also expected to be significant. Blick concluded that alongside the predicted energy price rises, cost of living increases and inflation, residents of Switzerland will have to tighten their belts to cope with the rise in insurance premiums.

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