Start your weight loss journey in Switzerland with Weight Loss Coach

Start your weight loss journey in Switzerland with Weight Loss Coach


Weight and obesity issues are a growing problem in Europe, especially in Switzerland where numbers continue to climb at an alarming rate. A study compiled by the University of Zurich in 2020 estimates that 31,72% of Switzerland's adult population is overweight. What's more, Switzerland's Federal Office of Public Health approximates that out of men who are 15 years and older, 51% are overweight, compared to 31% of women

Weight Loss Coach is designed to help people start their weight loss journey

Weight loss is a difficult and sensitive topic. Generally, the cause of weight gain is an imbalanced ratio of calories consumed to calories expended. But, it's also important to understand that this imbalance is not the sole reason for weight gain, there can be real medical issues as well. 

In addition, a person's genetics can influence their ability to gain and lose weight. Despite this, being overweight and falling into obesity can be prevented. This is important as if weight issues are ignored, they can become a significant health concern - obesity can lead to increased cardiovascular risks, type 2 diabetes, and cancer.

Start your tailored weight loss programme with Weight Loss Coach

Weight Loss Coach, created by Christian Lundstad, is built to help combat weight and obesity issues in Switzerland and several countries across Europe. The company's goal is to provide detailed and personalised plans created by doctors to assist their members in their journey to lose weight. 

They understand some people may find it difficult to lose weight, but luckily, those who don't have a naturally fast metabolism aren't doomed to gain weight for the rest of their lives. With Weight Loss Coach, patients can get a customised medical plan for their weight loss needs. With the right medication, patients can reset their metabolism and lose weight quickly. 

Medicine is moving outside the office

The COVID-19 pandemic has completely altered how our world operates. Millions of people are now out of the office and working from home, classrooms have resorted to remote learning, and there is a growing need for medical care to shift online as well.

Lundstad has realised this change and is at the forefront of addressing it. He is also the founder of Mobi Doctor, one of the leading telemedicine platforms in Europe. Weight Loss Coach provides another avenue patients can access to help assist them in living healthier lives with help from a team of experienced doctors.

Tailoring telehealth to the individual

Everyone's body responds differently to weight loss, just like any other medical treatment. To help, Weight Loss Coach has perfected a method where patients experience successful results, regardless of who they are.

Members are provided with one-on-one video conferences with Weight Loss Coach doctors, where they receive the personalised care they need and have any of their questions answered. From there, doctors help design a regime for their patients, like an eating programme. The company also analyses blood work and family history to help create a better plan of action for each member's weight loss strategy.

Weight loss can result in other medical complications when done improperly. Therefore, Weight Loss Coach only uses approved drugs called GLP1's (glucagon-like peptide - 1). These drugs are designed to ramp up your metabolism and reduce hunger in a safe manner. The two most mainly prescribed are Semaglutide and Ozempic for weight loss.

Weight Loss Coach: The results speak for themselves

In a survey of their members, Weight Loss Coach has seen incredible improvement from a vast majority of their patients. Some results just jump off the page:

  • 90% of their members reported losing 7" of waist circumference
  • Current users experienced weight loss of up to 10kg in the first few weeks
  • 95% of expressed an improved quality of life

Weight Loss Coach provides proven methods monitored step-by-step by medical professionals which can help their members lose up to 15 percent of their body weight. They are also dedicated to long-term fixes. Weight loss is never a “get-rich-quick scheme.”

Lundstad and his team understand that good habits must be developed over time. Therefore, their team of doctors check in with patients on a regular basis to make sure they are continuing to stay on track and progressing towards their goals.

Get in shape with Weight Loss Coach

With more of the population engaging in sedentary lifestyles and falling into poor health habits, taking control of your health is more important than ever. Weight Loss Coach's tailored telemedicine method helps provide a solution for those who are unable to take the time to get in-person medical attention. With 24/7 assistance, you can get personalised care whenever you are available.

And it's easy to get started! To learn more about weight loss and schedule a consultation, visit the Weight Loss Coach website.



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