Second COVID booster jab to be offered in Zurich from July 4

Second COVID booster jab to be offered in Zurich from July 4

Health authorities in Canton Zurich have announced that second COVID booster jabs will be available in cantonal vaccination centres from July 4. However, the second booster vaccination will not be free of charge.

Second COVID booster vaccination to be offered in Zurich

People in Zurich who need a second COVID booster jab, be it for travel or peace of mind, will be able to book one very soon. Bookings will open on July 1, with the first appointments expected on July 4. Currently, 800.000 people have received their first COVID booster jab in the Swiss city, and most will now be able to book their second.

Anyone aged 12 and over, who received their booster vaccination at least four months ago, will be able to apply for the second booster. The appointments will be taken at the Hirschengraben vaccination centre in the city of Zurich and at the main vaccination centre in Winterthur.

Who will pay for the second COVID booster in Switzerland?

Unlike previous COVID vaccinations, the government will not cover the costs of the jab, as taking a second booster counts as “off-label use,” meaning it has not been recommended for use by the general public at the federal level. Following negotiations between cantonal health officials, pharmacies and doctors, it has been agreed that a second booster will cost 60 Swiss francs, to be paid at the vaccination centre. 

However, this only applies to the second booster jab. Those who are unvaccinated or unboosted are still able to receive their first, second and third injections for free and are encouraged to do so by the canton. To book your vaccination, check out the official website for Canton Zurich.

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